Monday, April 6, 2009

SiF Rev. 033 - HIV+, Dale Carnegie, Wartenburg Wheel Review

A caller wants to know if he can forgo the condoms and get on some bareback-breeding butt-banging with his partner if they are both HIV+. Another caller nicely tells Laura Rad that she's being a Negative-Nancy about Dale Carnege's book. Coochie and Doug review the Wartenburg Wheel from Extreme Restraints.

The classic nerve stimulator is a rolling pinwheel of sharp little points. The points are not sharp enough to puncture the skin unless excessive pressure is applied. This item is a wonderful addition to a violet wand it can create a very intense stimulus when used with the wand. In fact, it goes so well the the violet wand that a Wartenburg Wheel is included in our deluxe wand kit.

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