Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SiF Rev. 025 - Personal Sex Stories, Birth Control Options, Manly Erotic Comic

Today we hear from Sam who likes that Kidder uses personal stories on the show and that Laura Rad doesn't. Kidder finally admits that he is a big fan of penis in vagina sex. We also answer a voicemail from a woman who wants to start having penis in vagina sex but doesn't know which birth control method to use. We really like IUDs. Rick reviews an erotic comic book called Manly Kidder learns that bashing on the double standard of about books excluding sex only applies to straight books and educational books. Apparently gay books do not need to represent all genders and preferences. So one might say that he's found a double standard in the double standard. Kidder is confused about this even as he writes this now and is beginning to believe that straights have joined the "gay agenda" and is working for the mutual goal to keep pansexuality from becoming the norm.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Too bad the pansexual panelist wasn't able to enjoy it for what it is.