Monday, January 5, 2009

SiF Rev. 006- Nookii, Adult Game for Couples

Kidder compares the competition and uncovers a sex game that isn't complete crap.

Kidder and Jade played a new game, and it wasn't half bad.

From A must-have for a playful night in with a loved one and the perfect gift to another couple whether it's for your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Wedding or just for fun.
You will never get bored playing Nookii.... you don't move around a board, you concentrate on each other according to the playful directions on the specially scripted Nookii cards on three saucy levels, Mmm Ooh and Aah.
Set the Nookii timer and enjoy..
Contents: 90 cards on three different levels - a set of suggestions for him and a set for her, Timer, 2 Dice, Sheer Scarf, Do Not Disturb Door Sign and Playing Guidelines."

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