Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SiF #174 - The Sexiest Place on Earth (Enhanced)

CLICK THE TITLE TO PLAY. Today we review the Desire Resort in Cancun. Sex is Fun achieves 10,000,000 downloads. Kidder's book is nearly finished. Adam and Eve is carrying Great Sex Games. Desire is the Sexiest Place on Earth.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SiF Rev. 034 - Best Sex Writing 2009 Review and Hollywood hates Rape

Coochie Reivews, Best Sex Writing 2009 by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Hollywood calls in and tells us exactly what we want to hear. Kidder converses with friends and fans on Facebook.

Monday, April 6, 2009

SiF Rev. 033 - HIV+, Dale Carnegie, Wartenburg Wheel Review

A caller wants to know if he can forgo the condoms and get on some bareback-breeding butt-banging with his partner if they are both HIV+. Another caller nicely tells Laura Rad that she's being a Negative-Nancy about Dale Carnege's book. Coochie and Doug review the Wartenburg Wheel from Extreme Restraints.

The classic nerve stimulator is a rolling pinwheel of sharp little points. The points are not sharp enough to puncture the skin unless excessive pressure is applied. This item is a wonderful addition to a violet wand it can create a very intense stimulus when used with the wand. In fact, it goes so well the the violet wand that a Wartenburg Wheel is included in our deluxe wand kit.

Monday, March 30, 2009

SiF Rev. 032 - Urination During Climax, Virginia is not for Lovers, Young Forceps Review

A caller asks about her urge to pee as she nears climax and she let it ride . Another caller wants Kidder to know the Virginia is not for lovers. Kidder is reminded of his experience of being at a swing club that was raided by the police. Coochie invites Doug in to talk about the Young Clamps from ExtremeRestraints.com

Use these Young Forceps to create an ultimate clamp on any part of the body! Serrated rubber tips on the ends are removable for a gentler clip, or leave them in place for a more intense bite and extra texture. Near the handles, use the locks to create different levels of intensity and maintain it over an extended period of time. These forceps can be used on a variety of body parts such as the nipples, labia, penis or scrotum. Photos show forceps in use after rubber tips have been removed. Sold individually.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SiF Rev. 031 - More on Body Modification

See "Champion" at the Smitten Kitten on April 5th. The Smitten Kitten 3010 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55408
Nobilis calls in to give Kidder some tough cookies to chew on and tell him that he's full of shiznizzle when it comes to tattoos and body medications. Apparently tattoos ARE cool and Kidder stands corrected.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SiF Rev. 030 - Electric Paddle Review, Going back to Cali

We review the Electric Paddle from Extreme Restraints. Then we take a caller who thinks that Kidder should move to California.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

SiF Rev. 029 - Scrotal Piercing, Figging, Strict Leather Heart Felt Petal Flogger

A caller sees a man in a locker room with multiple scrotal piercings and wants to know why anyone would do that to themselves. Kidder gives his final two cents on piercings, tattoos, body modifications and attention seeking pretend nonconformists. Another caller challenges the SiF staff to shove some ginger up their asses. Coochie and Doug review the Strict Leather Heart Felt Petal Flogger from Extreme Restraints. 

What do we mean by heart felt? Well you're not only working over your partner with a flogger that has ends shaped like hearts, but if you do things right it'll certainly be felt against their body. The entire flogger is made of quality leather material and is ideal for stimulating impact play. Take a firm grip of the handle and give your partner the flogging of a lifetime. There are 9 strands with 7 petals each (a total of 63 petals).